Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A not-quite-complete list of birds photographed in our backyard

Meadowlark singing from fence-post at back of property
Southwest Saskatchewan is part of an avian migratory route. Spring and Fall see many species visiting - for days or for months. The backyard at this house is one acre, with many trees at the back. I planted a patch of prairie sunflowers and erected nesting boxes in order to attract some of these birds. But they would come anyway - this property, being on the edge of the village, is probably the best birding site in town. Here is a not quite complete list of birds I have photographed in the backyard. Other species - such as wading birds, etc. - will be seen nearby. (You can see some of these by visiting my Flickr album, Birds in My Backyard, or Birds of Southwest Saskatchewan.)

American Goldfinch    American Redstart    American Robin    American Tree Sparrow    Bald Eagle    Baltimore Oriole    Blackpoll Warbler    Bluejay    Bohemian Waxwing    Brewers Sparrow    Brown-headed Cowbird    Brown Thrasher    Cedar Waxwing    Chipping Sparrow    Common Grackle    Common Nighthawk   Common Redpoll    Cooper's Hawk    Dark-eyed Junco    Downy Woodpecker    Eastern Bluebird    Eastern Kingbird    Eurasian-collared Dove   Flycatcher    Gray Catbird    Gray-crowned Rosy Finch    Gray Partridge    Great-horned Owl    Harris Sparrow    House Finch    House Sparrow    House Wren    Lark Sparrow    Lazuli Bunting    Loggerhead Shrike    Magpie    Northern Flicker    Northern Shrike    Pelican    Pine Siskin    Red-breasted Nuthatch    Red-eyed Vireo    Red-winged Blackbird    Ring-necked Pheasant    Rose-breasted Grosbeak    Ruby-crowned Kinglet    Ruby-throated Hummingbird    Sandhill Crane    Savannah Sparrow    Sharp-shinned Hawk    Sharp-tailed Grouse    Slate-colored Junco    Starling    Swainson's Hawk    Swainson's Thrush    Townsend's Solitaire    Tree Swallow    Vesper Sparrow    Western Kingbird    Western Meadowlark    White-crowned Sparrow    Yellow-rumped Warbler    Yellow Warbler

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